Fortier, François: b abt 1629 France
+ Haly, Françoise: m Bayeux, St-Patrice, Calvados, France; b abt 1620 FR; d abt 1679 Bayeux, Normandie, France

    Fortier, Louis: b abt 1647 St-Laurent, Bayeux, Calvados, Normandie, FR; died AFTER 1718, BEFORE 1728 Lachine [1], Qc 11ch
    + Moisan, Madeleine: m 26-Jun-1679 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine Qc; b abt 1662 Bayeux Calvados Normandie FR; d AFTER 1712, BEFORE 1718 [1] Lachine Qc

Fortier, Jeanne: b, bp 11-Mar-1681 Lachine, Qc; bd 02-Nov-1725 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc
+ Pilet, Joseph: m
01-Feb-1700 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc; b 31-Mar-1674 bp 03-Apr, Boucherville, Qc; d 23-May-1729 bd 24, Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc

Fortier, Louis: b
21-Jan-1683 bp 22, Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc; d 26-Nov-1744 bd 27, St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc
+ Mallet, Marie-Charlotte: m
07-Nov-1712 Montréal (Notre-Dame) Qc; b 30-Aug-1695 bp 31, Montréal N-D, Qc; 1d 21-Jun-1767 bd 22, St-Joachim, Pte-Claire, Qc

    Fortier, Marie-Josephe: b 10-Nov-1725 bp 11, St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc; d abt 1782 Qc
    + Daoust, Jean-Baptiste: m 00-Nov-1741 [2] St-Joachim, Pte-Claire, Qc; b 03-Feb-1718 Pte-Claire, Qc; d 22-May-1795 bd 23, Ste-Jeanne, Île-Perrot, Qc

Fortier, Marie-Anne: b
09-Jun-1685 bp 11, Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc; bd 05-Sep-1725 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc
+ Danis, Nicolas: m
03-Feb-1705 [p2] Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc; b 16-Aug-1677 Montréal, Qc; d 25-Jun-1758 bd 26, Ste-Geneviève de Pierrefonds, Qc

Fortier, Françoise: b
16-May-1687 bp 17, Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc; bd 23-Feb-1724 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc
+ Tabault, Alexis: m
15-Feb-1706 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc; b 30-Oct-1679 bp 31, Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc; d 30-Oct-1752 bd 31, Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc

*Fortier, Marie-Madeleine: b, bp
13-Jun-1689 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine Qc; d 22-Jan-1693 bd 23, Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc

Fortier, Marie: b
03-Aug-1691 bp 05, Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc
+ Gauthier, Joseph: m
08-Feb-1718 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc; b 20-Mar-1672 Montréal, Qc; bd 04-Apr-1749 Ste-Geneviève de Pierrefonds, Qc

*Fortier, Marie: b, bp
11-Nov-1693 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc; d, bd 22-Nov-1693 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc

Fortier, Joseph: b, bp
14-Mar-1695 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc; d 02-Aug-1773 Les Cèdres, Soulanges, Qc
+ Réaume, Marie-Josèphe: m
18-Jan-1720 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire (Montréal); b 18-Mar-1702 bp 25, Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc

    Leduc, Charles René: b 09-Dec-1745 Ste-Jeanne-de-Chantal, Île Perrot, Qc; bd 15-Feb-1820 Ste-Jeanne-de-Chantal, Île Perrot, Qc
    + Lecompte, Suzanne: m 25-Jul-1768 St-Joseph-de-Soulanges, Les Cèdres, Qc; b abt 1751 Qc

    Regimbal (Jerome), Marie Sarah: b 12-Nov-1875 St-Justine-de-Newton, Qc; d 08-Feb-1913 Yakima, WA 10ch
    + Fortier, Hilaire: m 13-Jan-1895 Gentilly, MN; b 20-Dec-1866 bp 21, St-Malachie; d 23-Jun-1928 Yakima, WA

    Fortier, Avilla Hilaire: b 17-Oct-1895 Gentilly MN; d 28-May-1987 Seattle WA, bd 01-Jun Yakima WA
    + Hutchings, Muriel Charlotte: m Aug-1920 Lacey WA; b 16-Jun-1899 Crawford NE; d 20-Jan-1986 bd 23 Yak, WA

Fortier, Marguerite: bp
11-Aug-1697 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc; d 05-Mar-1751 bd 06, Montréal (Notre-Dame), Qc
+ Auger-Desnoyers, Pierre: m
11-Feb-1726 Montréal (Notre-Dame), Qc

Fortier, Narcisse Guillaume François: b, bp
22-Nov-1699 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc; bd 18-Jul-1750 Ste-Geneviève, Pierrefonds, Qc
+1 Milot, Marie-Anne: m
27-Jan-1728 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc; b, bp 22-Sep-1700 Montréal, Qc; d 19-Nov-1728 bd 20, Lachine, Qc (d 11 mos into marriage)

    *Fortier, Marie Françoise: b, bp 14-Nov-1728 Sts-Agnes-de-Lachine, Qc; d 27-Sep-1729 bd 28, Sts-Agnes-de-Lachine, Qc (10 mos)

+2 Jarry [
3], Suzanne: m 17-Apr-1730 Montréal (Notre-Dame) Qc; b, bp 24-Jun-1708 Montréal, Qc; d 18-Apr-1774 bd 19, Ste-Geneviève, Qc 10ch

    Fortier, Joseph: b 28-Apr-1735 bp 29, Pointe-Claire, Qc; d 30-Mar-1787 bd 31, Ste-Geneviève de Pierrefonds, Qc 10ch
    + Choret, Marie-Josephe: m 07-Feb-1757 Pte-Claire, Qc; b 05-Aug-1736 bp 07, Pointe-Claire, Qc; d 12-Apr-1799 bd 13, Ste-Geneviève de Pierrefonds, Qc

    Fortier, Joseph Laurent: b 03-Sep-1769 bp 04, Ste-Geneviève, Pierrefonds, Qc
    + St-Germain, Radegonde: m 08-Feb-1791 St-Laurent, Qc; b abt 1767 Qc 7ch

    Fortier, Laurent Justinien: b 29-Nov-1791 bp 30, Pointe-Claire, Qc, d 20-Feb-1866 bd 22, St-Timothée, Qc
    +1 Cardinal, Suzanne: m 21-Feb-1814 [p2] Ste-Geneviève, Qc; b abt 1791 Qc; d 26-Nov-1818 bd 28, Ste-Geneviève de Pierrefonds, Qc

    Fortier, Isidore: b, bp 15-Jun-1817 Ste-Geneviève de Pierrefonds, Qc

    Fortier, Pierre: b, bp 28-Nov-1822 Ste-Geneviève de Pierrefonds, Qc; d 12-Aug-1884 bd 14, St-Timothée, Qc 12ch
    + Vinet, Séraphine: m 27-Nov-1855 Ste-Geneviève, Qc; b, bp 18-Mar-1838 Ste-Geneviève, Qc; d 06-Nov-1921 bd 08, St-Timothée, Qc

    Fortier, Marie-Louise: b 04-Mar-1877 bp 05, St-Timothée, Qc; d 10-Mar-1946 St-Timothée, Qc 12ch
    + Daoust, Alexandré Armand: m 07-Oct-1895 St-Timothée, Qc; b, bp 06-Jan-1872 St-Timothée; d 07-Jan-1952 St-Timothée, Qc

    Daoust, Joseph Eugène: b 18-Sep-1898 bp 19, St-Timothée, Qc; d 15-Jun-1971 Ste-Sophie, Qc
    +1 Leduc, M Gilberte Ida: b 29-Apr-1899 St-Timothée, Qc; d 31-Oct-1925 Ste-Agathe-Monts, bd St-Timothée, Qc 3ch

    +2 Benoît, Cécile: m 27-Oct-1928 St-Édouard, Montréal; b Notre-Dame-Des-Neiges, Montréal, Qc; d St-Jerome, Qc 12ch

Fortier, Marie-Angélique: b, bp
18-Jun-1702 Sts-Anges-de-Lachine, Qc
+ Renaud-Canard, Pierre: m
17-Jul-1731 [p2] Québec (Notre-Dame), Qc; b abt 1706 Charlesbourg, Qc


Daoust family outline provided by Yves

Data Verification: NosOrigines Internet (http://www.nosorigines.qc.ca/genealogieSearch.aspx?lng=fr: 2010)

Data Source: Quebec Catholic Parish registers, 1621-1900 digital images from FamilySearch Record Search Internet (http://search.labs.familysearch.
org/recordsearch/start.html#p=allCollections&r=0: 2010)

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This is an outline chart, listing only the direct descendants from Louis Fortier to select families. The chart maps our maternal ancestor's connection to the 'other'
Fortier.  Louis and Antoine Fortier were the ancestors of most of the Fortier family in North America. Louis settled in Lachine and Antoine Fortier became
established on the Island of Orléans. For Antoine's chart, click here: [
Fortier (descended from Antoine)]


[1] No burial acte was found for Louis or his wife Madeleine Moison in any of the 3 parishes that the family frequented. Louis was presumably alive on the date of
08 February 1718 for the marriage of his daughter, Marie; his spouse, Madeleine Moison was not. She was last listed alive on the 07 November 1712 marriage acte
of her son, Louis in Montreal. Louis senior was first listed as deceased on the 27 January 1728 marriage acte of his son, Francois. It is difficult to know the exact
dates, because
the years of 1712, 1713, 1714, 1715, and 1716 are not in the registers of the parish of Lachine.

[2] World Tree Project states 02-Nov-1741. However, "PRDH shows 00-Nov because the image is unreadable." - Yves Daoust

3] Suzanne Jarry's burial 'acte' states her name as Suzanne Heurichon; her husband Francois' burial 'acte' states his spouses name as Suzanne Heuri.

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Died as a child at the age of 1 month
Died as a child at the age of 1 month
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Died as a child at the age of 1 month
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