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Henrietta Elert - born 10-Dec-1837 Baden; died 02-Mar-1911 Crete, Saline, NE

A History of two Germanic states in Prussia, 1805-1869

Wurttemberg refers to a former state in Swabia, a region in southwestern Germany.  Its capital was Stuttgart.  The
name of the state originates from a steep Stuttgart hill, close to Stuttgart-Unterturkheim.  Once a Duchy, it became a
Kingdom after the implosion of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 during the reign of Frederick I.

Johan Freude was born there in 1820. [

Baden was a historical state in the southwest of Germany.  It came into existence in the 12th century as the
Margravate of Baden becoming the Grand Duchy of Baden through the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1803-
1806.  Baden was bounded to the north by the Kingdom of Bavaria and the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt; to the
west by the River Rhine, to the south by Switzerland and to the east by the Kingdom of Wurttemberg, the Principality of
Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen and Bavaria.

Henrietta Elert was born there in 1837. [

The Migration

The following text is from their descendant Dorothy's family book, "The Freude History"

    "Johan Fredrick Freude was born October 16, 1820 in Prussia."

    "Henrietta Elert was born December 10, 1837.  They married in Grossalsleben, Prussia in 1856. They had three
    children born to them before migrating to the United States in 1869."

    August Adolf.......................................September 7, 1857
    Emilie [3].............................................November 10, 1863
    Pauline................................................June 17, 1865

    "Sailing from Hamburg, Germany, aboard the ship Cimbria, they arrived in New York City, New York,
    August 4, 1869.  They stopped in Pontiac, Illinois on their way to Nebraska where Johan home steaded 80 acres
    in Pleasant Hill Precinct.  Pleasant Hill is south of Dorchester, Nebraska. There he made a declaration of intent to
    become a citizen of the United States October 12, 1869."

    "Not having much wood in the area, the family built a dugout in the side of a clay hill and lived there until they
    were able to construct a stone house. This house once was one of the finest and possibly the largest stone
    houses in the area."

    "When final homestead proof was required, in September 1876, Johan had built a house, a stable 50 X 14,
    granary 20 X 8, planted 1,000 forest trees and a few fruit trees. He also dug a well 50’ deep and had cultivated
    50 acres of land."

    [Five] more children were born to them:
    Anna [4].....................1870
    Albert [5]....................1876
    William John..........1877

    "Two of Johan and Henrietta’s sons were involved in a quarry accident on the Burrel Baker farm.  When August
    and Albert ... did not come home for supper, their mother went looking for them and was horror stricken to find
    the ledge of earth and rock had caved in and covered them.   August was dead, but Albert was taken out alive...
    This accident happened February 13, 1890.  August... is buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery."

    "Four months after the accident, Johan died on June 8, 1890 [6].  Johan, Henrietta and William are all buried

    "Johan and Henrietta’s son William John was a veterinarian who practiced in the Dorchester community for more
    than 50 years. He was known as Doc Fruddy."

    "When Henrietta died of old age March 2, 1911, the house and land was given to her son Albert, who in turn sold
    it in 1920 to John Slama."

    "Today the house is still standing, but no longer has a roof, glass in the windows, and the doors are gone.  The
    house sets in a pasture where cattle roam in and out."

    "Our forefathers and mothers were hard working people who put their heart and souls into making a better
    place for themselves and their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren."

    Dorothy O.


[1] Johan (John) listed Wurten as his birthplace on the 1880 US Census.  He and Henrietta were married in
Großalsleben, Ballenstadt, Anhalt in the Kingdom of Preussen (Prussia).  (Pronounced, Graus-alls-lee-ben)

2] Henrietta listed Baden as her birthplace on the 1880 US Census.  Baden in 1837 was a sovereign state, not the
modern city known as Baden-Baden (which was double named in 1931, as in New York, New York: the first name is the
city; the other is the state.)

3] John and Henrietta's oldest daughter Amelia (Emilie) married my great great grandfather, John W. Mitchell.  In 1885,
their only son William Earl was born in the Freude stone house.  Emilie and John moved to "Omaha, Nebraska in 1900
where he worked as a boilermaker.  In 1910 they moved to Badger Precinct in Laramie county Wyoming.  There they
home steaded land at Junction."

4] 'Anna' is Ida Anna Freude.  Listed as Ida age 10 on the census of 1880, records exist of her under each name, Ida
and Anna, which led some transcribers to believe she was two individuals.  She is added twice to Henrietta's family
count (Latter Day Saints family profile).

5] 'Arthur' is Albert Freude.  A child named 'Arthur' was originally listed as one of the Freude children.  He would have
been six at the time of the
1880 US Census yet curiously does not appear as a member of the family.  There are no
subsequent records of him.  Close inspection of the source document photocopy which led to the disparity revealed
that a transcriber erroneously interpreted the almost illegible name on it as 'Arthur' and the last number of his birth
date as a '4'.  Under the magnifier, it became clear that this was actually a record of Albert, born in 1876.  Another
transcriber listed this information correctly and both transcriptions stayed a part of the Latter Day Saints family profile.  
This error, and the one with Anna/Ida, ultimately increased Henrietta's family count to 10.  Eight is the correct number.
(In 1890 at the time of the quarry accident that killed his brother August, Albert was 14.)  

6] John F. Freude's date of death was listed in one document as January and in another as June, 1890.  I decided to
list January in the pedigree chart based upon his tombstone inscription but even that could have been misinterpreted
by the person cataloging the grave site.

Cemetery Records

PLEASANT HILL CEMETERY  located 3 miles east, three miles south and 1/2 mile west of Dorchester in Saline County, NE

List of interred at Pleasant Hill]

Freude, J.F.: 16 Oct 1820 - 08 Jan 1890: spouse of Henrietta Elert
Freude, Henrietta: 10 Dec 1837 - 02 Mar 1911: spouse of Johan
Freude, August Adolf: 07 Sep 1857 - 13 Feb 1890: son of Johan & Henrietta

Freude, William G: 19 Dec 1877 - 19 Jul 1956: son of Johan & Henrietta: spouse of Minnie Newton
Freude, Minne: 1877 - 1964: spouse of William
Freude, Lawrence W: no date: born in 1909: son of William & Minnie
Kirk, Clara F [Freude]: 1908 - 1984: daughter of William & Minnie



Thanks to Dorothy and Grace for their input and initial research which was the basis for this chart

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