le goff, Yvon: b abt 1630 France
+ audiyet, Janetta: b abt 1634 France

    Legault, Roch: b abt 1654 France
    + Gallion, Marie: b abt 1654 France

    Legault dit Deslauriers, Noël: b abt 1674 Ervillac, Brest, Finistere, Bretagne, France; d 10-Apr-1747 bd 11, St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc
    + Bénard, Marie: m 18-Nov-1698 Pointe-Claire, Qc; b 07-May-1678 Sorel, Qc; d, bd 03-Jun-1760 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc
Legault dit Deslauriers, Pierre-Noël : b 07-Dec-1699 Montréal, Qc; d 17-Apr-1697 Montréal, Qc
+ Brault, Françoise Angélique: m 30-Jan-1724 Lachine, Qc; b 13-Jun-1706 Lacine, Qc; d 05-Mar-1748 Pointe-Claire, Qc

Legault dit Deslauriers, Jean: b 24-Jul-1701 Montréal, Qc; d, bd 12-Jun-1750 Montréal (Notre-Dame) Qc
+ Milot, Marguerite: m 19-May-1727 Lachine, Qc; b 28-Apr-1702 Lachine, Qc; d, bd 09-Feb-1750 St-Joachim de Chateauguay, Qc

Legault dit Deslauriers, Jean-Baptiste: b 13-Sep-1702 Lachine, Qc; d 27-Sep-1771 Ste-Geneviève, Pierrefonds, Qc
+ Cholet, Marie-Anne: m 14-Jan-1726 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc; b 26-Jul-1706 Montréal, Qc; d 06-Dec-1788 Pointe-Claire, Qc

*Legault dit Deslauriers, Marie: b 30-Nov-1703, bp 01-Dec, Lachine, Qc; d 1703 or 1704 Lachine, Qc

Legault dit Deslauriers, Rene: b 22-Aug-1705 Lachine, Qc
+ [--?--] spouse

Legault dit Deslauriers, Joseph: b 14-Sep-1706 Lachine, Qc; d 11-Aug-1762 Point-Claire, Qc
+ Brisebois, Suzanne: m 19-Nov-1731 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc; b 24-Mar-1705 Lachine, Qc

    Legault dit Deslauriers, Josephe: b 30-Jan-1737 Point-Claire, Qc; d 06-Jul-1774 Ste-Geneviève de Pierrefonds, Qc
    + Brunet dit Létang, Jacques: m 27-Apr-1756 St-Joachim-Pointe-Claire, Qc; b 06-Jul-1731 Pointe-Claire, Qc; d 16-Oct-1758 Ste-Geneviève Pierrefonds, Qc

    Brunet dit Létang, Geneviève: b 06-Aug-1757 Ste-Geneviève de Pierrefonds, Qc; d 27-Dec-1817 Pointe-Claire, Qc 14ch
    + Daoust, Joseph Amable: m 19-Jan-1778 Pointe-Claire, Qc; b 30-May-1756 Pointe-Claire, Qc; d 29-Dec-1829 Pointe-Claire, Qc

    Daoust, Antoine Amable: b 01-Jul-1782 Pointe-Claire, Qc; d 04-Jul-1870 Coteau-du-Lac, Qc
    + Booth, Ursule: m 20-Jan-1817 Pointe-Claire, Qc; b 21-Oct-1801 Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Qc; d 01-May-1872 Coteau-du-Lac, Qc 12ch

    Daoust, Antoine: b 27-Jan-1828 St-Polycarpe, Qc; d 26-Jun-1894 St-Timothée, Qc
    + Leduc, Vitaline: m 07-Feb-1853 St-Timothée, Qc; b 02-Jul-1833 Les Cedres, Qc; d 26-Aug-1913 Valleyfield, Qc 13ch

    Daoust, Alexandré Armand: b, bp 06-Jan-1872 St-Timothée, Qc; d 07-Jan-1952 St-Timothée, Qc 12ch
    + Fortier, Marie-Louise [1]: m 07-Oct-1895 St-Timothée; b 04-Mar-1877 bp 05, St-Timothée, Qc; d 10-Mar-1946 St-Timothée, Qc

    Daoust, Joseph Eugène: b 18-Sep-1898 bp 19, St-Timothée, Qc; d 15-Jun-1971 Ste-Sophie, Qc
    +1 Leduc, M Gilberte Ida: b 29-Apr-1899 St-Timothée, Qc; d 31-Oct-1925 Ste-Agathe-Monts, bd St-Timothée, Qc 3ch

    +2 Benoit, Cécile: m 27-Oct-1928 St-Édouard, Montréal; b Notre-Dame-Des-Neiges, Montréal, Qc; d St-Jerome, Qc 12ch

    Daoust, [private]
    + [private]

Legault dit Deslauriers, Charles: b 18-Jan-1708 Lachine, Qc; d 08-Dec-1777 Lachine, Qc
+ Duois, Marie-Josephte: m 14-Jan-1732 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc; b 19-Jan-1710 Lachine, Qc; d 06-Feb-1771 Pointe-Claire, Qc

Legault dit Deslauriers, Louis: b 21-Aug-1709 Lachine, Qc
+ Lamadeleine Ladouceur, Marie-Anne: m 07-Jan-1738 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc; b 21-Jan-1719 Pointe-Claire, Qc; d 23-Feb-1778 Laval (St-Martin) Qc

Legault dit Deslauriers, Marie-Josephe: b abt 1711 Lachine, Qc; d 03-Aug-1769 Ste-Geneviève, Pierrefonds, Qc
+ Brisebois, Jacques: m 27-Apr-1733 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc; b 12-Sep-1709 Lachine, Qc; d 30-Oct-1775 Ste-Geneviève, Qc

Legault dit Deslauriers, Pierre: b abt 1713 Lachine, Qc; bd 30-Dec-1759 Montréal (St-Laurent), Qc
+ Brisebois, Marie-Anne Clémence: m
30-Sep-1738 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc; b 10-Jan-1720 Pointe-Claire, Qc; bd 05-Jan-1758 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc

    Legault dit Deslauriers, Joseph: b, bp 17-Mar-1757 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc
    + Rivard Lavigne, Marie Agathe: m 25-Oct-1779 [p2] Lachine, Qc; b 30-May-1756 L'assomption, Qc

    Legault dit Deslauriers Jean Baptiste: bp 06-Dec-1790 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc; d 24-Aug-1879 Ste-Justine-de-Newton, Qc
    + Brunet dit Létang, Angélique: m 22-Apr-1816 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc; b 13-Sep-1791 bp 14, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Qc

    Legault dit Deslauriers, Jean-Baptiste: b, bp 29-Dec-1819 St-Joachim, Point-Claire, Qc
    + Laberge, Salomée: m 06-Feb-1844 [2] St-Clément-de-Beauharnois, Qc; b abt 1823 St-Clément-de-Beauharnois, Qc

    LaBerge, Salomé: bp 01-Nov-1857 St-Louis-de-Gonzague, Qc; d 29-May-1938 Moxee, WA 14ch
    + Régimbal, Fabien R: m 27-Jan-1875 St-Louis-Gonzague Qc; bp 22-Jul-1853 St-Louis-Gonzague Qc; d 02-May-1928 Moxee City, WA

    Regimbal (Jerome), Marie Sarah: b 12-Nov-1875 St-Justine-de-Newton, Qc; d 08-Feb-1913 Yakima, WA 10ch
    + Fortier, Hilaire: m 13-Jan-1895 Gentilly, Polk, MN; b 20-Dec-1866 bp 21, St-Malachie, Qc; d 23-Jun-1928 Yakima, WA

    Fortier, Avilla Hilaire: b 17-Oct-1895 Gentilly, MN; d 28-May-1987 Seattle, WA, bd 01-Jun, Yakima, WA
    + Hutchings, Muriel Charlotte: m 03-Aug-1920 Lacey, WA; b 16-Jun-1899 Crawford, NE; d 20-Jan-1986 bd 23, Yakima, WA 4ch

    Fortier, [private]
    + [private]

Legault dit Deslauriers, Suzanne: b abt 1715 Lachine, Qc; d 15-Jan-1794 Ste-Geneviève de Pierrefonds, Qc
+ Lalande dit Latreille, Antoine: m 10-Jan-1735 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc; b abt 1708 Qc; d 15-Jan-1794 Ste-Geneviève de Pierrefonds, Qc

*Legault dit Deslauriers, Rosalie: b 22-Mar-1717 Lachine, Qc; d 24-Jul-1717 Lachine, Qc

Legault dit Deslauriers, Marie-Anne: b 12-Jun-1718 Lachine, Qc
+ Brisebois, Ambroise-Antoine: m 30-Sep-1738 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc; b 10-Nov-1711 Lachine, Qc; d 24-Feb-1798 Les Cèdres, Soulanges, Qc

Legault dit Deslauriers, François: b 27-Jun-1721 Lachine, Qc; d 04-Aug-1776 Pointe-Claire, Qc
+ Brazeau, Rose: m 11-Jan-1740 St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, Qc; b 26-May-1721 Montréal, Qc; d 31-Dec-1774 Pointe-Claire, Qc


Daoust family outline provided by Yves

Data Source: Quebec Catholic Parish registers, 1621-1900 digital images from FamilySearch Record Search Internet
(http://search.labs.familysearch.org/recordsearch/start.html#p=allCollections&r=0: 2010)

Data Verification: NosOrigines Internet (http://www.nosorigines.qc.ca/genealogieSearch.aspx?lng=fr: 2010)

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[1] Marie-Louise Fortier were descended from the 'other' Fortier, Louis, born 1647 in St-Laurent, Bayeux, Calvados, Normandie, France.

2] Brother and sister wed sister and brother at a double wedding ceremony in the St-Clément church, uniting the two families.

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