Minou - January, 2011 - 7 months old
Minou (mee-new) French for "kitty"
born about July 2010
Minou and her harness - she knows when it is on, she can go outside
She was a feral born kitten that wandered into the yard and sat on my shoe while I was raking leaves. She fell asleep there and it was
love at first sight. She was one of a litter of three from a known feral cat that had been living under a mobile home nearby. After a trip
to the vet, several vaccinations, a de-worming, a spay procedure and lots of food and attention, this kitty has become a member of the
family, and has found her forever home. I have shared my life with cats before, one pedigreed, and the rest mixed, but this one is the
most gentle and affectionate, most willing to try new things, and the most accepting cat I have ever experienced.
Minou at home in her favorite chair
A California Cat
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Minou is a domestic shorthair, brown mackerel tabby (tiger stripes). While she was technically feral at the age of 6 months (and 4
pounds), she was, from the first day we met her, a calm and loving kitty. This one beat the odds.
Her favorite toys are interactive and she often plays bat and fetch and hide and seek. She also likes to pick up stuff and deposit it in
empty shoes. Her favorite is Q-tips which she hunts down in the bathroom cabinet. Finally had to hide them from her. Her eyes were
bright orange when she was a kitten and now are lemon line green. Beautiful. And the tips of her ears have tufts of hair, just like a
Bobcat. She weighs 15 pounds now: A big 'kitty'.
Yes, it's the same cat!