"Since it is not granted to us to live long, let us transmit to posterity some memorial that we have at least lived." ~E. Joseph Cossman
Last Update
01 May 2014
Shasta Masonic
& IOOF Cemetery
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Cemetery Description

Shasta Masonic Cemetery
Shasta, Shasta County, California, USA
11471 Muletown Rd
3 miles west of Redding, CA, off HWY 299 West

History: Founded in 1864 in the town of Shasta, California by the Masons, whose Missouri charter was granted May 10, 1848.
Ownership: Western Star Masonic Hall Association Inc.,
Western Star Lodge No.2

Condition of Cemetery:
Well maintained site on a natural soil hillside under tall trees. Many stones are worn due to age or missing for various reasons.
While this is a pioneer cemetery, new burials continue.

Plot numbering is according to the official on-site
cemetery plot map.
Other designations: RG00= Rose Garden plots. W0= West side plots. 00a= adjacent to an existing numbered plot.
Birth Place shown as either Country, County and State, or State only; Death Place shown as County and State

Transcription date: April, 2014

Compiled from tombstone inscriptions and the main cemetery plot map. Contains all known burials.

With special thanks to friends Janie Edwards and Debbra (
Dancing With Ghosts - Find-a-Grave #47068368)

Find-a-Grave link:
Shasta Masonic Cemetery  (opens in a new window)
For a 320º view of the cemetery, click the photo below; then click again to view it LARGE and scroll left and right to see it all. That's Samuel E. Love's tombstone in the middle.
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