Ancestor A:
+1 Spouse a:

    Offspring a1:
    + Spouse:

+2 Spouse b:

    Offspring b1:

    Offspring b2:
    + Spouse:


Chart Flow:

The familial line on the left descends from and connects each branch of the tree (offspring) to the patriarch ancestor at the top of the page. Each
offspring's branch may be continued downward, stair stepping to more recent descendants when known. A living person may be listed as [private] but is
not described in the chart.

By showing these and subsequent family connections on one page, the reader can get a better sense of the relationship each descendant in each line
has to one another: The Big Picture, if you will. This format enables the reader to see at a glance those individuals who are siblings, uncles, aunts and
cousins, and to what degree they are all related across many generations.

Use the scroll feature on your mouse, or use the 'bar' on the right side of your browser to follow a lineage DOWN the page. Some pages are very long!

(Tip: press the mouse scroll wheel down to get a scroll icon on the page......... Then, without clicking anything, move the mouse down, up, or sideways
away from the icon for
automatic scroll. The page will scroll faster the farther away from the icon you move your mouse and in the direction you move it.
To slow, move back toward the icon. To stop, hover over icon. To end the scroll feature, left click the mouse. Practice getting the page to scroll slowly at
your reading speed for a hand's free pass over the information.

Links that work are in Bold or colored text.
They will open in the same browser window unless otherwise specified. To return to the chart, use the browser 'back' button.

a. [
Bracketed links] at the end of an entry will direct the reader to another site that may have additional data for that person.
The abbreviation
[bd] links to a Find-a-Grave web memorial page for the ancestor; [no] links to their family entry on the Nos Origines website.

b. A spouse
Surname that is underlined and in bold letters links to another chart for the patriarch of that line. In some cases it links directly to the
ancestor's place in the other chart. From that point you can scroll upward to view their premier ancestor, or downward to view that person's siblings and

c. D
ocument links may be used to convey complex information in .txt or .pdf word format. A Title(pdf) link will open in the same window but may take
longer to load. Found mostly in the Notes section, these links will be identified as such. Return to the chart by clicking your browser's 'back' button.

d. Signatures presented in the left margin can be enlarged by Clicking on them. Use 'back' button to return to the chart.

Links that DO NOT work:  
underlined dates

This means that the date (and the related place) has been verified by an official document of proof, a copy of which exists in the SB ancestry library. The
document is not available for public view due to copyright - see notice below. If you inadvertently click on an underlined date, a password pop-up may
appear, which when cancelled will cause a "401 - Unauthorized" blank page. Please return to the chart by clicking the browser 'back' button. I apologize
for this inconvenience, but these internal maintenance links are necessary for continued research. Since I cannot turn the feature off, I ask for your


Notes are provided to clarify or expand some of the entries. They are located at the bottom of the page, footnoted by number to the item in the chart.
There is also a credit list of contributors and history of changes and recent additions.


Accuracy is the goal here. There are many inaccuracies propagated on the Web and some ancestry sites simply repeat unverified or untrue information.
Diagram: The premier and earliest ancestor is listed first in the chart, at the top. All descendants are listed below the patriarch in
order of birth, oldest first; youngest last.

A spouse is designated with a + plus sign. If there is more than one spouse for an ancestor, all are designated with a + plus sign
and a number based upon the order of their marriages.

Spouses are connected to each other and to a particular ancestor by a spousal vertical line descending from the ancestor's name
(1 space in) and running down through each + plus sign.

An offspring of an ancestor and a spouse is connected to the ancestor and that particular spouse by a familial vertical line
descending from the spouse's name (5 spaces in) and stopping at or passing the offspring's name. The line may continue
downward to connect other offspring and siblings to the same parents.

Offspring may also have spouses and families listed, and those are charted below and to the right of each offspring's entry.
Successive descendant generations are charted thusly, 5 spaces in, left to right, to modern conclusion before a second marriage or
sibling of the original ancestor is listed.
Abbreviations: b: born; bp: baptised; +: spouse; m: married; d: died; bd: buried; ch: # known children; ....... death of young child;  .......of an adolescent.
How to read the charts
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With respect to the license above, the referenced images that were acquired for this family research are unavailable for public viewing from this site,
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Hint: When reading an
acte, the baptismal or burial date is listed instead of the birth or death date. In most cases, the birth or death occurs one or two
days prior to the date of the acte. To be sure, look for the time given between the acte date and the event. Provided by Yves Daoust, some phrases to
look for:

"né" if it's a boy, "née" if it's a girl; for a death, you'll read the word "décédé" in place of "né" and "décédée" in place of "née".
"né de ce jour" or "né le même jour"  or "né aujourd'hui" means born the same day.
"né hier" or "né la veille" or "né le jour précédent" means born the day before.
"né l'avant-veille" or "né la surveille" ( rare ) means born the day before the day before.
"né le douze du courant" means "born the twelve of the same month".

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The charts on this site were tailored to a specific 'end' family and as such were not intended to encompass all possible familial links for a specific patriarch.
However, over time they grew to include distant relations and their descendancy. The date of each page was the last time it was updated.
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The charts are not currently updated to include recent family or to add lines descending from ancestors already shown. Use these pages as a
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