Chart Flow:

From our family's patriarch or matriarch ancestor at the top of the page, a line connects to successive descendant generations and their offspring. It is
the reverse of most ancestry charts which start with the descendant. The reader can get a better sense of the relationship each person has to another.

Links to find-a-grave memorials, labeled [bd], are in a separate column to the right of the person's line. Click on it to view. Memorials there are
authored by countless contributors. SBancestry has no control over what information they contain, or its validity. Our goal is accuracy, and you may
notice some of our stats differ.


Chart Production:

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Hint: When reading an
acte, the baptismal or burial date is listed instead of the birth or death date. In most cases, the birth or death occurs one or two days
prior to the date of the acte. To be sure, look for the time given between the acte date and the event. Provided by Yves Daoust, some phrases to look for:

"né" if it's a boy, "née" if it's a girl; for a death, you'll read the word "décédé" in place of "né" and "décédée" in place of "née".
"né de ce jour" or "né le même jour"  or "né aujourd'hui" means born the same day.
"né hier" or "né la veille" or "né le jour précédent" means born the day before.
"né l'avant-veille" or "né la surveille" ( rare ) means born the day before the day before.
"né le douze du courant" means "born the twelve of the same month".

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